International Activities

The 12th JIPA IP Symposium
°»Let's talk a step further about IP strategy and the key to success in Asia°…

  • Opening Address

  • Mr. Hiroyuki Fukano
    ° Commissioner of JPO°ň

  • Mr. F.Gurry
    ° Director General of WIPO°ň

  • Panel Discussion 1


  • Panel Discussion 2

  • Poster Session

  • Poster Session

  • Reception

Gathering around 1,000 participants, the 12th JIPA IP Symposium was held on February 1st, 2013 at the Nagoya Congress Center. The event titled °»Let°«s Talk a Step Further about IP Strategy and the Key to Success in Asia.°… with a keynote speech and two panel discussions was the first meeting held away from Tokyo since the 8th Kyoto conference.

We invited Mr. F. Gurry, Director General of the WIPO, as a keynote speaker, who talked about global trends in intellectual property and innovations, the mission of WIPO and his expectation of the WIPO Green initiative, a green technology matching platform that was jointly developed by WIPO and JIPA.

In Panel Discussion I, moderated by Professor Takakura from MEIJI University, the panel of director generals (or officers of equivalent level) from Thailand, Indonesia, and Singapore talked about the present state and future prospects of IP protection systems in their respective countries. The panel also discussed the following subjects: °»Local Reactions for Anti-Counterfeit Measures,°… °»Expectation for Technical Transfers°… and °»Recognition for ODA and Other Aid by Japan,°… with astringent questions in line with the subtitle of the panel: °»They talk back so much?!°…

In Panel Discussion II, moderated by Professor Watabe from TOKYO University, a panel of IP managers from leading Asian companies discussed °»Key Points for Anti-Counterfeit Measures,°… °»Handling Local Development,°… °»Collaboration between Global and Regional Human Resources,°… and other topics, sharing their concerns and difficult episodes they have experienced.

The poster session gathered more visitors than in past years. Outlines of the activities of individual groups were presented. The session also served as a good opportunity for lively communication with visitors. In the traditional Best Poster Award session, first prize was presented to the License Committee, second prize to the 1st Patent Committee and third prize to the 2nd Patent Committee. The Chairperson°«s Award was presented to the Journal & Public Relations Affairs Committee.

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