International Activities

JIPA Green Technology Awards in Malaysia Technology Expo2013

  • Mr. Misman / Green-Tech Award
  • Dr. Noor / Biotechnology Award
The 3 JIPA awards were elected among 550 inventions in Malaysia Technology Expo 2013 held from 21 -23 February 2013, at the Putra World Trade Centre in Kuala Lumpur. The details are as below.
  • JIPA Green Technology Award
    Invention : Releasable Metal Collector
    Inventor : Muhd Humaizee bin Misman
    Organization : MARA-IKM
  • JIPA Best Biotechnology Award
    Invention : Method for Lipase Production from Palm Oil
    Inventor : Dr. Ishenny Mohd Noor
    Organization : University of Malaya
  • JIPA Best Design Award
    Invention : Transformation Design of Decorative Tiles Based on Tropical Plant Images
    Inventor : Dr. Zulkifli Muslim
    Organization : Universiti Putra Malaysia
JIPA”Ēs Green-technology Award was newly established in addition to current 2 awards, aiming to solve air/water pollution, energy saving and other environmental problems. JIPA hopes the award, same as the WIPO-Green project, boosts developing of green-technologies in the country and overseas.

The MTE is an IP Fair hosted by the Malaysian Association of Research Scientists, to provide opportunities of showing inventions, business negotiations, and exchanging information. The event was the 12th and gathered over 10,000 visitors and around 550 inventions/technologies.

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