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JIPA delegation makes a gratitude visit for Taiwan

The Asia Project sent a 6-member delegation to 5 public organizations in Taiwan, including the Taiwan IP Office and one industrial organization, between March 11-12, 2013. The purpose of this visit was to: 1) express JIPA's heartfelt gratitude for the support these organizations provided to Japan after the Great East Japan Earthquake, 2) express JIPA°«s appreciation to these organizations for visiting JIPA offices, and 3) gather the latest information regarding intellectual property in Taiwan.

Each of these organizations welcomed the JIPA delegation°«s visit and they were well prepared to answer the questions provided to them in advance. At each meeting, relationships with China were brought up as a topic of discussion, and the organizations°« comments suggested that while the large Chinese market was extremely attractive to Taiwanese businesses, they were concerned about the inflow of counterfeit products.

Following is a summary of the exchange of opinions between the JIPA delegation and these organizations.

  • IP Court:
    President Kao and the court°«s judges participated in the meeting. After visiting the brand-new courtrooms, which are equipped with electronic systems, JIPA members exchanged opinions with their counterparts, mainly about the issuance of confidentiality orders.
  • Petitions and Appeals Committee:
    Executive Secretary Bao and members of the committee explained the petitions and appeals system and the functions of the Committee.
  • Chinese National Federation of Industries:
    Secretary General Tsai greeted the delegation, and the exchange of opinions regarding the Federation°«s activities and other subjects was so lively that the meeting lasted much longer than scheduled.
  • TWIAN IP Office:
    The delegation members exchanged ideas with Director General Wang and the officers of the IP Office, mainly about the revised Trademark Act and Patent Act, which has already been put into force.
  • Customs Office:
    During the exchange of ideas, Inspection Group Leader Chen and other officers repeatedly said that Taiwan°«s customs control emphasizes not only the protection of patent holders but also the facilitation of customs clearance, which impressed the JIPA delegation.
  • IPR protecting Cops of Special Police:
    Captain Huang reported that the team handles some 2,000 incidents annually, most of which involved goods from mainland China. The captain also commented that a growing number of patent infringements are being committed through sophisticated networks, making it increasingly difficult to crack down on them.
  • IP Court
  • Petitions and Appeals Committee
  • Chinese National Federation of Industries
  • TIPO
  • Customs Office
  • IPR protecting Cops of Special Police
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