International Activities

IP Week 2013 in Singapore

The IP Week@SG 2013 supported by the IP Office of Singapore was held at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel from August 26 to 30, 2013. A total of 500 representatives including JIPA members, Mr. Komai of Sumitomo Osaka Cement and Mr. Hara of Hitachi, had lively discussions on IP-related issues.

In the Keynote Plenary Session on the 1st day, WIPO Director General Dr. Gurry, IPXI Director Mr. Phelps and former USPTO Director General Mr. Kappos appeared onstage as panelists to discuss the topic "The Changing Global Innovation Landscape: Whither IP?" They presented their opinions and actively discussed the topic from their respective viewpoints, particularly the increasing importance of IP for companies to gain competitiveness, and balancing this with the public interest. The panelists all agreed that "a balance should be kept in promoting innovation while regulating abuse of IPRs".

Some of other events were four large group sessions, including the "Global IP Perspectives and Strategies" panel session in which JPO counselor Mr. Fukano and IPOS Director General Mr. Tan spoke as panelists. The mid-sized group session included six "Legal Track" workshops and six "Business & Technology Track" workshops. In addition to these sessions, lively presentations and discussions took place in the Special Lunchtime Session, "WIPO Regional Seminar on Patent Sharing," and "IP Week @ SG EXPO°… and many other events in various areas within the venue.

Mr. Komai and Mr. Hara attended the panel session "Key considerations for patent filing strategies, benefits of patent work sharing and suggestions for better use - users' perspectives" in the WIPO Seminar on Patent Sharing, and explained the viewpoints of Japanese IPR users regarding expectations, challenges and proposed resolutions for the work sharing systems, such as PPH and ASPEC. In the Q&A session, they had a lively discussion with other participants regarding quality improvement for patent examinations and enforcement in ASEAN countries.

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