International Activities

Finland AIPPI Helsinki Forum & ExCo

On September 6 & 7, 2013, JIPA”Ēs advisor Mr. Okumura(Takeda Pharmaceutical) participated in a pharmaceutical workshop at the AIPPI Forum & ExCo held in Helsinki, Finland, as a panelist.

The panel discussed data protection during a given period in which generic drugs cannot be introduced onto the market after a new drug is created, under the theme "Data Exclusivity - Provisions and Availability around the World." In general, this system is accepted favorably and recognized as beneficial by countries and corporations that have the ability to create new drugs because they can recover their investment during this period. However, other countries that do not have the ability to create new drugs, as well as many generic drug manufacturers, do not regard the system very favorably.

Accordingly, it was expected that many opinions opposing the IP system or criticizing the pharmaceutical industry would be presented. However, in fact, because the panelists are members of AIPPI, which is built on the IP system, most of the opinions presented in the panel session were supportive of the system, although some participants were of the view that the system blocks access to drugs and impedes provision of drugs to patients in need. A lawyer from India also presented a favorable comment that the exclusive marketing period for a drug to recover the initial investment is necessary for an enterprise that takes a significant risk when introducing a new product. In this respect, the atmosphere was quite different from other international IP conferences.

This workshop was also attended by Ms. Matine, Australian director of AIPPI as the moderator, and Mr. Rosenberg from GSK as a panelist.

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