International Activities

Opinion Exchange with Indian & Brazilian Examiners

We held an opinion exchange meeting with examiners from India and Brazil who came to Japan to take the patent examination practicing course, at the Asia-Pacific Industrial Property Center of the Japan Institute for Promoting Invention and Innovation on November 25, 2013.

A total of 10 members participated: two Indian examiners, Mr. Ambigapathy Visanam Appusamy from the Chennai Patent Office and Mr. Mangesh Laxmanrao Mokashi from the Mumbai Patent Office; three Brazilian examiners, Mr. Alexandre Gomes Ciancio, Mr. Edi Oliveira Braga, and Mr. Francisco Fabio Cavalcante Barros; and JIPA members, the International Committee members, the Brazil visiting group including Managing Director Miyashita, and India Group Leader Mr. Kasuya.

This meeting was assumed to be an individual-based meeting between the examiners and JIPA members who are in working-level in their companies. Thus, the examiners asked many very frank questions such as our experiences with and our opinions against Japanese policies, as well as "Does the expansion of Japanese companies into the Indian market really lead to the development of India?" and "Why is Japan ranked 22nd in innovation in the World in spite of its high GDP?" On the other hand, JIPA asked them about for example, the examination delay or current problems in their countries. Both parties were so honest with each other that after the meeting most of the participants said "The meeting was meaningful and beneficial."

This year, JIPA dispatches delegations to both India and Brazil, and collects information in these countries. That meeting with the examiners in Tokyo further has enriched our knowledge of the intellectual properties in both countries. In addition, the meeting was a good opportunity to have friendly feelings toward both countries.

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