International Activities

Moscow City Bar Association & European Centre for Legal Cooperation visit JIPA office

On April 9, 2015, a total of 5 Russian lawyers including Ms. Yakupova belonging to the Moscow City Bar Association and the European Centre for Legal Cooperation visited JIPA Tokyo Office, and exchanged views with JIPA members. Members of the 2012 Russia Study Group and the International Affairs Committee took part in the meeting from JIPA.

JIPA introduced the organization and activity system, slogan, and so on of JIPA, and also introduced recent major activities. In the Question and Answers session, views were also exchanged with each other on the duties invention system, handling of Russian inventions in Japanese applications, handling of technical information leakage caused by headhunting or the like as well as anti-counterfeiting measures.

In the meantime, some information on IP trends in Russia was provided by the Russian side. It included the situation where progress has been made on their IP protection and systems in the 150 anniversary of the establishment of the Russian Lawyers' Association although they were still insufficient; and law revision information on addition of a chapter of IP to part of the Civil Code. They also outlined a recent IP-related case where an injunction request was made to the operator of a website against selling of counterfeit goods on the WEB and an order was issued as quickly as possible.

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