International Activities

Study Group on Industrial Design from Singapore Ministry of Law & IPOS visits JIPA

On April 21, 2015, a total of 5 members including Mr. Simon Seow, Director of the Intellectual Property Policy Division of the Ministry of Law, Dr. Seah Kwang Hwee, Deputy Director, Mr. Chua Xin Juan, first secretary, visited JIPA Tokyo Office from the Singapore Ministry of Law and the Intellectual Property Office Intellectual Property Office of Singapore International and exchanged views on design. 5 members of the Design Committee including Mr. Oshita, director in charge, took part in the meeting from JIPA.

In the meeting, Mr. Nishio, JIPA Secretary General, introduced the organization and activity system and recent major activities of JIPA. The Singapore side asked many questions on the Japanese industrial design system involving substantive examination and how corporate users acted under such a design system. They also introduced their interpretation of the protection scope of design rights and copyrights under the Singapore laws in response to questions from the Japanese side. We experienced a meaningful exchange of views.

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