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JIPA awards in Malaysian Invention Exhibition ITEX 2015

  • Green Technology Award
  • Biotechnology Award
From 12 to 14 May, 2015, the Malaysian Invention Exhibition ITEX 2015 was held in Kuala Lumpur, and JIPA presented the following three awards including the Green Technology Award.

This event is one of the largest invention exhibitions in Asia that collects more than ten thousand people and more than 1,000 inventions every year, and has become a place of exchange allowing inventors in the industrial and academic communities to obtain business opportunities. The invention award ceremony is an occasion for encouraging inventions as well as developing young researchers in particular. JIPA has presented the above awards for eight years.

Green Technology Award

 Invention  :  R3PH-Rural Run River Pico Hydro
 Inventor  :  Mohd Faizairi Mohd Nor, Ir Dr Suhaimi Bin Hassan
 Organization  :  Universiti Teknology Petronas

Biotechnology Award

 Invention : Latex-T-A Simple Test Kit for Detection of Allergenic Proteins in Latex Products
 Inventor : Roslinda SAJARI, Siti ARIJA Mad ARIF, MOK KOK LANG, Maria Kolesnikova-Allen,
 Alessandra Di Cola
 Organization : Lembaga Getah Malaysia

Design Award

 Invention : Supersonic Subsea Compact Wet-Gas Separator
 Inventor : Ap. Dr. Fakhruldin Bin Mohd Hashim, Ap. Dr. Amin Bin Abdul Majid, Dr. Tamiru Alemu
Lemma,  Mohd Fadzil Ali Bin Ahmad, Nor Azlin Binti Mohd Zaki
 Organization : Universiti Teknology Petronas

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