International Activities

Deputy Commissioner Andrew Faile of the USPTO visits JIPA

On June 12, 2015, Mr. Andrew Faile, Deputy Commissioner for Operation, Ms. Valencia M. Wallace, Deputy Commissioner for Quality, and Ms. Maria T. Holtmann, Program Director of International Patent Cooperation visited JIPA from the USPTO and exchanged opinions with JIPA members of the First International Affairs Committee including Chairperson Terai (Hitachi), International Policy PJ, and the Secretariat.

The JIPA Committees introduced recent activities and told the guests that JIPA is a unique organization that can deliver voices of Japanese companies directly to USPTO. USPTO introduced its organization, quality improvement in patents, PPH, and so on along with the latest statistical data. We exchanged a lot of questions and comments with each other beyond the scheduled time and promised to actively promote exchanges in the future as well.

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