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Africa Regional Workshop in Harare, Zimbabwe, - WIPO Japan Fund Aid Project -

During June 24-26, the workshop on °»the Use of Utility Models and Industrial Designs for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs)°… was held in Harare, Zimbabwe. The event sponsored by WIPO and African Regional Intellectual Property Organization (ARIPO) gathered 25 participants from 10 countries of ARIPO membership, and JIPA Managing Director Mr. Nakazawa from CANON took part in the event as a speaker & panelist.

In the workshop, Mr. Nakazawa gave a presentation °»Use of the IP System for Business Case Study of Success Stories in Japan°…. And participants from African IP advanced countries, such as Kenia and South-Africa, explained °»Technology Transfer from Public Organization to Private Sector and its Use of IP°…. After their presentations, discussion time was had between all speakers. The participants except Kenia and South-Africa picked up shortages of every aspect, such as IP knowledge, budget human resources, and educations, and they collectively pointed necessaries of supports of ARIPO and JPO, to work on these issues.

In the early morning on 26th June, Mr. Nakazawa was invited to ARIPO office, and he had an introduction of their aggressive activities to enhance IP abilities, such as upskilling by inviting examines from Korean IP Office and doubling area-size of ARIPO office.

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