International Activities

Mexico IMPI DG Miguel Angel Margain visits JIPA

On July 2nd , 2015, the 5 membrs including Secretary of Mexico National Institute of Industrial Property Mr Miguel Angel Margain, Ms. Nahanny Canal Reyes patent department officer, Mr. Sanchez Javier from Mexico Embassy and others visited Association Tokyo office for the°»10th anniversary of Japan and Mexico Economic Partnership Agreement as a global partner°…

From JIPA, Mr. Terai (HITACHI) Chairman of the international committee, Mr. Hirota (CANON) who is responsible for same committee in Central and South America, and Mr. Nishio the Secretary General took part in the meeting.

From the opinion changes, from IMPI, Mexico participated in programs such as PPH, PCT-PPH and °»Mottainai Program°… which were held in Japan, the United States, WIPO etc.d" to Association members can take advantage of these procedures and good quality of IMPI inspection. There was a referral for the inspection entrusted by Latin American countries such as Colombia, Venezuela etc.

On the other hand, JIPA sent a delegation several years ago to survey the local intellectual property. In the Mexican embassy, we had been given the latest situation of the information concerned, and given cooperation for activities of the international committee.

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