International Activities

Participation in WIPO-SCP, the 22nd session in Switzerland

On July 27 to 31 2015, WIPO 22nd SCP (Standing Committee of the Law of Patents) meeting was held in Geneva, Switzerland.

Mr. Shimbo from Takeda Pharm., the chairman of the Medicinal and Biotechnology Committee, took part in the meeting from JIPA.

This committee, with respect to international development of patent law, discuss several issues in developed and developing countries, push forward cooperation and give a guideline. This committee was founded in 1998.Approximately once a year, representatives from government agency, representatives from NGO, etc. as observers from around the world participate the meeting.

Recent major agenda includes "Exceptions and limitations to patent rights", "Parallel import", "Quality of patents, including opposition systems", "Compulsory License", "Patents and health", "Transfer of technology", and " Confidentiality of communications between clients and their patent advisors".

From developing country side, under claim of °»The transfer of pharmaceutical products technology to the developing country is hampered by the presence of patent°…, °»It push up the price of pharmaceutical products in the developing country°…, suggestion on how to weaken the patent rights has been made.

In the meeting, with a focus on Inventive steps and disclosure sufficiency, "Quality of patents, including opposition systems" has become the main agenda. The above "Patents and Health" and "Transfer of technology" also included as other Issues. For these agenda, statement was made in cooperation with the Japan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association and the International Pharmaceutical Federation.

Also before the meeting, being able to share information with Japan Patent Office and local Japanese government representatives as well, is considered as a great success.

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