International Activities

Meeting with the Lawyers of Russian Bar

On October 13th, 2015, lawyer Mr. VLASENKO who is vice chairman of Russian Lawyer Association from Moscow City Bar Association, and lawyer Mr. PONIMATKIN from Federal Chamber of Lawyers of the Russian Federation and Chamber of Lawyers of Saint-Petersburg visited JIPA Tokyo office to exchange opinion.
From JIPA, Executive Managing Director Kuji, Secretary General Nishio and Russian investigating group member of 2012, Yoshioka who is the Chairman of 2nd International Committee participated to this meeting.

This opinion exchange meeting is a part of the planning by the Centre European de Cooperation Juridique and Moscow City Bar Association who had a visit to JIPA office earlier on April this year. This meeting request came from the First Vice President Ms. Rezunik of the Association.

This project has been carried out for the purpose of increasing the IP awareness of Russian Bar. The main member of the Bar Association in each region of Russia, was sent to the related IP organizations in Japan, the United States and Switzerland, for learning the activities and ideas of IP by the government and industry associations in each country.

JIPA introduced the organization system, structure and the activities of our association. In the question and answer, the organizational structure of the Russian lawyer was introduced. Lawyers of the Russian Federation was on top, follows by Bar Association of each region. However, Bar Association that do not belong to these are present in laterals.

In order to increase the IP such as patents in Russia, from the background of importance to control counterfeit and pirated goods enforcement, JIPA asked about the status of anti-counterfeiting measures in Russia.

JIPA received answer as follows; °»There is a heavy sanction, such as the criminal penalties in the case of imitation act exceeds a certain standard of administrative violation provisions, the law abiding consciousness is increasing°…. JIPA also got comments as follows; °»There is no Statistics figures for this, but the sales of pirated DVD relates to copyright has shifted from direct sales to Internet sales°…,°»Direct sales are decreasing°…
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