International Activities

Meeting with EPO Officials

On Nov. 5, 2015, 3 members from EPO: Mr. Philpott, chief director (in charge of ICT), Mr. Cordera, director (in charge of Audio, Video, and Media), and Ms. Pihlajamaa, director (in charge of the Patent Law), visited JIPA. At the Tokyo Office, JIPA held an opinion/information exchange meeting with them in which 9 people including Mr. Yoshioka, chairperson of the 2nd International Committee and Mr. Miyashita, International Policy PJ Leader participated.
In the meeting, the EPO officials made presentations on various themes such as the concept of prior art in EPO, the accelerated examination system (PACE) of EPO and faster search, recent decisions by the Board of Appeal (clarity, patentability, and priority), patentability of computer-related inventions, the concept of amendment, as part of recent efforts of EPO, with lively questions and answers on each theme.

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