International Activities

JIPA Representatives visits the Philippines and Malaysia

  • MyIPO
  • NBI
  • ACCRA Law firm
  • IP High Court

During Nov. 30 to Dec. 5, 2015, JIPA Asia Project sent a 12-membered visiting delegation including Mr. Bessho as a leader to the following 8 IP-related agencies/institutions of the Philippines and of Malaysia.


Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines(IPOPHL), Manila Customs, National Bureau of Investigation(NBI), ACCRA Law firm


Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia(MyIPO), Royal Malaysian Customs, Ministry of Domestic Trade Co-operatives and Consumerism(MDTCC)ˇ˘IP High Court

The purpose of this delegation was to make a proposal for and request improvement in issues related to ASEAN countries which JIPA collected from its members in the last year. This was the 2nd year consecutive visit to the Philippines from JIPA following the visit last year of a research team of the International Committee and was the 1st visit in 2 years to Malaysia.

In the IPOPHL, we focused on trademarks and requested the Office to clarify the criteria for famous trademarks and to publish the registration list. In the MyIPO, we focused on patents and designs and requested the Corporation to abolish the first filing country principle and to introduce a design system. Many of the agencies/institutions the delegation visited had studied the issues sent from JIPA in advance, and we had frank and sincere discussions with them regardless of the feasibility and had very meaningful meetings.

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