International Activities

Participation in Global Dossier Task Force Meeting in USPTO

On February 3 and 4, 2016, the 3rd Global Dossier Task Force (GDTF) Meeting was held in USPTO, following the last meeting in January 2015. The purpose of the meeting was for the IP5 Offices (JPO, USPTO, EPO, KIPO, and SIPO), WIPO, and IP user groups (JIPA, AIPLA, IPO, Business Europe, KINPA, and PPAC) to gather to discuss a future plan for the Global Dossier, in which user needs are reflected.
At the Meeting, the IP offices explained, out of the Global Dossier development items, the status of the review of the five preferential development items proposed by the user groups (Legal Status, Alert Functionality, XML Document Provision, Proof-of-Concept , and Standardized Applicant Name ). The users presented their opinions and demands on the items.

In the morning of February 3, before the GDTF Meeting, the user groups had a preliminary meeting to explain their respective review states, sort out their opinions and demands, and compile the industry's consensus opinions and demands. JIPA explained the usefulness and convenience of data in XML format and proposed a faster implementation of XML Document Provision in the patent office of each country.

At the GDTF Meeting, the IP5 Offices reported the progress after the second GDTF Meeting and introduced the future development plan. In response to this, the user groups gave opinions and demands based on the results of the preliminary meeting the day before. As a user who has benefited from XML Document Provision, JIPA proposed that the achievement of XML Document Provision in JPO should be shared by IP5 and the user groups, and the proposal was approved.

The Meeting will be held about once a year in the future, in which JIPA will continue to propose our opinions and demands.

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