International Activities

Exchange of views with the Taiwan IP Office

The Asia PJ East Asia WG exchanged views with Director General Wang Mei-Hua of the Taiwan IP Office (TIPO), Mr. Jen-Ping Chang, Section Chief of the Third Patent Division, and Mr. Wei-Jen Shih, secretary of the Copyright Division on March 15, 2016 at the Tokyo office of the Interchange Association.

The TIPO provided information about the amendments to the Design Examination Guidelines and the Copyright Law and explained the recently publicized amended "Guideline for Analysis in Patent Infringement."
JIPA thanked TIPO for its amendment to the patent publication postponement system in response to JIPA's request at the meeting to exchange opinions in Taipei in July of the previous year. JIPA explained recent trends in utility model applications in Japan and the characteristics of JIPA's training programs.

JIPA and TIPO hold annual meetings of this sort and exchange opinions amicably, and we agreed to continue to do so in the future.

The final version of the aforementioned Design Examination Guidelines was subsequently publicized on March 22 (entered into force on April 1).

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