International Activities

Meeting with EPO Officials

Five EPO officials visited JIPA on March 24, 2016, including Vice-President Raimund Lutz, Principal Director Wolfram Foerster (in charge of quality), and Principal Director Herbert Bauer (Examination Dept.). At the JIPA Tokyo Office, JIPA held a meeting to exchange opinions/information with them in which 11 JIPA staff members participated, including Mr. Akio Yoshioka, chairperson of the 2nd International Committee, and Ms. Tomoko Miyashita, International Policy PJ Leader.

The EPO gave a presentation at the meeting on its recent activities, such as the quality management examination, the results of a survey on the satisfaction of Japanese applicants with the EPO”Ēs services, and improvements in examination efficiency. JIPA gave a presentation on the results of its research on the oral examination component of the EPO examination process. The EPO commented that JIPA's presentation was interesting and promised that they would internalize the research data and engage in further analysis.

After each presentation, the parties actively exchanged questions and answers. We agreed to periodically hold meetings of this sort to strengthen ties.

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