International Activities

IP trainees from Mexico, Paraguay, and the Philippines

On August 24, 2016, JIPA received a meeting of an IP training group, consisting of three from Mexico, one from Paraguay, and one from the Philippines, who were participating in IP training programs organized by WIPO and JICA, held at the Graduate School of Osaka Institute of Technology. With them, Mr. Hiroki Naito (Panasonic) who is a member of the WIPO PJ, and three JIPA secretariat members had a meeting to share their views. The trainees stated that they came to Tokyo to learn the roles and activities of Japanese IP organizations, and visited, the JPO, the Institute of Intellectual Property, and JIPA.

At the beginning of the meeting, JIPA explained its international activities, including its efforts in relation to system harmonization within the IP3 and IP5 frameworks, in particular. They also talked about the IP-related activities carried out by the WIPO PJ for protection of biodiversity, and its commitment in WIPO-GREEN, an initiative for promoting the transfer of environment-related technology. They also gave a brief explanation of JIPA's role as an association representing the industry (IP users).
The trainees showed interest in all topics addressed in JIPA's presentation, and asked questions about, for example, the WIPO PJ's cooperation with WIPO and the government and the degree of its involvement in policy making.

This meeting was also an advertising opportunity for JIPA to talk about the association to the trainees who will lead the future IP policies in their countries. The meeting was closed with JIPA offering its official goods to them.

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