International Activities

2016 JIPA Representatives' visit to Taiwan

   During November 17 to 18, 2016, a delegation of Asia PJ East Asia WG consisting of the 3 members, leader Mr. Bekku (Managing Director), Mr. Yoshihara (WG leader), and a Director General, visited the Taiwan Intellectual Property Court, the Intellectual Property Office, and the Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs in Taiwan (Taipei). In each agency, the delegation members expressed their opinions on the handling of indirect infringement and other legal revisions and exchanged opinions with the agency members.
   In the Taiwan Intellectual Property Court, the delegation members exchanged opinions with the agency members including Mr. Ter-Chao Lee (President), Mr. Wei-Hsin Lee (Division Chief Judge), Mr. Jhong-Sing Chen (Division Chief Judge), Mr. Sung-Mei Hsiung (High Court Judge), and others such as assistant vice-ministers for engineering affairs of the court. The delegation members exchanged opinions with the agency members on the joint-tort court decision in Taiwan, which corresponds to the handling of indirect infringement in Japan, and the practice of patents of software program inventions, and expressed their opinions, for example, on the handling of joint torts equivalent to that of indirect infringement in Japan and the uploading of programs to be regarded as a selling act in terms of legal revisions and the administration of trials.
   In the Intellectual Property Office, the delegation members exchanged opinions with 10 agency members including Mr. Sherry, Shu-Min Hong, who was newly appointed as a Director General as of this year, and the Managers of the examining division and the legal affairs office. The previous Director General had positively considered JIPA'S requests and suggestions when revising IP-related systems. Thus, the delegation members asked the new Director General for continued positive consideration. In particular, although they understood that it was politically difficult for Taiwan to accede to the Paris Convention and PCT, they made detailed discussions on alternative ways and the extension of the period in which applicants were allowed to file divisional applications when receiving a Notice of Decision of Registration, and introduced 14 request items including the 2 discussion items mentioned above and requested the continued study and consideration of future systemic revisions.
   In the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the delegation members met the Vice Minister, Ms. Mei-Hua Wang, who was promoted from the Director General of the Intellectual Property Office to the Vice Minister (comparable to the State Secretary) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs as of this year. In the meeting, we expressed our gratitude for her past responses and asked about her position. Ms. Mei-Hua Wang said that she was in charge of economic and trade affairs in connection with Japan, and her departments and agencies in charge included the Intellectual Property Office. The Vice Minister also said that she entrusted the Intellectual Property Office with full authority but in case of facing a problem such as a serious, economic and trade problem that seems difficult to solve, she would be able to continue to aid in consultation on such a problem through partnership with the relevant parties.
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