International Activities

JIPA Representatives' visit to Indonesia

From January 8 to 11, 2017, Southeast Asia WG, Asia Project of JIPA sent a 5 member representative delegation led by Managing Director Mr. Bekku (Nissan) to the following 6 Indonesian IP-related organizations, and made proposals and requests for improvement in IP-related issues in Indonesia collected from JIPA members.


Derectorate General of Intellectual Property(DGIP)、Masyarakat Indonesia Anti Pemalsuan(MIAP)、Supreme Court、Customs、Jakarta Police、JETRO Jakarta

In the DGIP, we had a meeting in each of the Department of Patents and Trademarks and the Department of Investigation and Dispute Settlement, and gave our opinions and requests for "making an infringement of intellectual property prosecutable without a complaint," "publication of examination guidelines and faster examination," "deferred publication of designs," "introduction of a system for trials for invalidation and trials for cancellation," "deregulation of disclosure of the origin of genetic resources," "acceleration of procedures of compulsory execution," etc.

 In the Supreme Court, JIPA made requests for "making the availability of provisional measures well-known," "consistent interpretation of judicial precedents," "review of original-first policy", "prompt service of decisions," etc.

  In the Customs, we asked for earlier enforcement of government regulations which authorize customs staff to exercise the right of injunction, publication of the data of control, etc.

  In the Jakarta Police, we proposed reduction in costs experienced by users and a stronger control of infringement on the Web.

 While more improvements are desired to make their legislation and operation user-friendly, we found in this meaningful visit that it was necessary to continue to exchange opinions and provide information timely to achieve such improvements.
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