International Activities

JIPA Representatives' visit to Chinese National People's Congress, SIPO, SAIC, etc.

The Asia PJ sent a 7 person delegation led by Mr. Osonoe, PJ leader, to China from April 10 to 15, 2017. The delegation members visited IP-related agencies and exchanged opinions on JIPA's requests and views.

In the opinion exchange with the Economic Law Department, Legislative Affairs Commission, a legislative body under the Standing Committee of National People's Congress, views were exchanged on the provision of protecting trade secrets in the pending draft amendment to the Anti-Unfair Competition Law. For the Chinese Patent Law whose revision was being prepared in the Chinese government, the delegation introduced JIPA's requests on administrative control over indirect infringement and infringement of rights, the deferral of publication of design gazettes, and the like. We also exchanged opinions on the response of various Chinese sectors to the draft amendment to the Patent Law announced by the government. This was JIPA's first visit to the Standing Committee of National People's Congress, and members exchanged opinions amicably.

At the State Intellectual Property Office(SIPO), we exchanged opinions about the revised Guidelines for Patent Examination which was enforced in April this year, including operations of computer program-related inventions, supplemental submission of data of chemical experiments after filing the application, and the scope of amendment in trials for invalidation.

In the opinion exchange in the Trademark Office of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce(SAIC), the delegation explained JIPA's requests on division and transfer of trademark rights, and members exchanged opinions on the revised Trademark Examination and Trial Standards which took effect in January this year.

In the meeting with Professor Li Mingde, chief of the IP law department in the Chinese Academy of Social Science, a Chinese government's think tank, the delegation members asked about the respective progress of revision of the Patent Law, the Copyright Law, and the Anti-Unfair Competition Law, and also about his view on the draft amendments to the laws as a scholar, and exchanged opinions on JIPA's request related to the laws.

The delegation also visited the Patent Examination Cooperation Beijing Center undertaking part of examination of patent applications, and patent attorney's offices (Unitalen Attorneys at Law, Dragon Intellectual Property Law Firm, and China Science Patent & Trademark Agent Ltd.) to exchange opinions on a practical operation of the revised examination guidelines and the like. Furthermore, the delegation members exchanged opinions with Mr. Yang Wu, President of All China Patent Attorneys Association, also a member of the National People's Congress, on the revision of the Patent Law, etc.

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