International Activities

Delegation to INTA Annual Meeting and TM5 Mid-Term Meeting

  • Presentation at TM5
  • Meeting with SAIC
  • Meeting with NOIP ¡ơ MOST
  • Exhibition of ainti-counterfeiting activities
¡¡During May 19-26, 2017, the 139th INTA (International Trademark Association) Annual Meeting was held in Barcelona, Spain, to which JIPA sent 3 members, Mr. Megumi Omi, Chairperson (NTT Data), Mr. Junichi Honda, Deputy Chairperson (Otsuka Pharmaceutical), and Mr. Yasuhiro Yoshida, Vice Chairperson (Toyota), of the Trademark Committee. The members introduced JIPA's activities, and in cooperation with JPO, presented problems of trademarks of Japanese companies with examples, and expressed great expectations for system development. The delegation also conducted various activities, including establishing a network with a related organization of each country, taking advantage of the uniqueness and the scale of the meeting.

¡¡INTA is a global association aimed at protecting registered trademarks and related intellectual property to safeguard consumers and to promote fair and effective commerce. INTA is made up of more than 30,000 trademark practitioners and professionals from more than 190 countries. Its annual meeting is one of the world's largest IP events about trademarks, which gathers more than 10,000 people from all over the world. Government offices of the major countries, patent attorney's offices, enterprises, etc., hold sessions and/or operate exhibition booths. At the same time, the TM5 mid-term meeting is held by the 5 trademark offices of Japan, US, EPO, China, and Korea.

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