International Activities

Participation in IP5 Heads of Office with IP5 Industry Meeting, and Industry Trilateral Meeting at Republic of Malta

°°From May 29 to 31, 2017, Mr. Adachi, Vice President, Ms. Miyashita, Leader of International policy project, and some other members participate in the following meetings held in Republic of Malta.
  1. Industry Trilateral Meeting (May 29, 30) °°Trilateral users from Japan (JIPA), the U.S. (AIPLA, IPO) and Europe (Business Europe) gathered to discuss: harmonization of practical systems of patent laws, which had been considered in the B+ group; what would be provided by the trilateral users at the upcoming symposium for harmonization in June. Specific topics included °»grace period°… (correspond- ing to the provision of exceptions to lack of novelty in Japan), °»conflicting applications°… (the effect of exclusion of later applications provided by an earlier application before publication), and °»rights of prior use°…, which are of great interest to the users. °°
  2. IP5 Heads of Office with IP5 Industry Meeting (May 31)
    The meeting aims at listening to opinions and requests from the IP5 Users and reflecting them in the discussion of improvement in the quality of patent examination and examination efficiency in the respective offices, which the IP5 Patent Offices have been considering as their project since 2007. Thus the meeting was held on the occasion of the IP5 Patent Office Presidents Meeting, and this was the sixth time meeting.

    In the meeting, the IP5 Patent Offices first introduced recent activities of their respective offices and outlined the progress of projects considered by the IP5 Patent Offices. The meeting went on as the users explained their opinions and requests in response to the introduction, and the offices made comments on them, and views were exchanged.
    Specifically, lively discussions were made on a wide range of topics such as GDTF (Global Dossier Task Force), ICG (IP5 Industry Consultation Group) and several °»Strategic topics°… as new issues in the future activities.

    This year is the 10th anniversary of IP5 heads of office meeting, and the IP5 offices expressed gratitude to users for their contribution and cooperation.
    The next meeting will be held in the US from June 12 to 14, 2018.

  • IP5 Office and Users Meeting
  • Reception at Saluting Battery in Valletta
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