International Activities

Participation in Workshop on patent examination quality management

On June 23, 2017, Mr. Otsuka, WG Leader of the International Policy Project and Mr. Shibata, Vice Chairperson of the first patent committee participated as speakers in the Workshop on patent examination quality management (WIPO Japan Fund Project) held at the United Nations University in Tokyo.

This workshop was a training program planned as part of a project to support developing countries using WIPO Japan Fund, which is a contribution from Japan to WIPO, and participants of the workshop were examiners who had management experiences from Brunei, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Firstly at the workshop, Mr. Otsuka and Shibata made presentations on ”ČUser”Ēs view: What is the high quality patent examination from the perspective of companies?”É based on the research in the JIPA Committee and Project. They showed the fact that the examination results different in each country and called for closer cooperation among patent offices.

In the discussion with the participants of the subsequent workshops, members of the Japan Patent Office and WIPO also participated actively to discuss topics from various viewpoints concerning patent quality. JIPA took advantage of valuable opportunities to exchange opinions directly with the officials of the developing country patent office, and emphasized the importance of securing global stable rights.

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