International Activities

WIPO-SCP 26th session in Geneva, Switzerland

ˇˇDuring July 3 to 6, 2017, JIPA dispatched Mr. Seiji Mori, Managing Director and Mr. Toshifumi Sako, Chairperson of the Medicinal and Biotechnology Committee to the WIPO-SCP (Standing Committee on the Law of Patents) 26th session, which was held in Geneva, Switzerland.

ˇˇThis committee was established in 1998 in order for developed countries and developing countries to hold a meeting for discussing problems, enhancing their cooperation, and providing guidance in pursuit of the international development of the patent law. Nowadays, committee sessions are held twice a year, and representatives of governmental agencies from all over the world as well as representatives from organizations such as NGOs as observers participate in the committee sessions for discussions. JIPA is an official observer having a voice.

ˇˇWIPO-SCP has discussed the 5 major agenda items, "Exceptions and limitations to patent rights," "Quality of patents including opposition systems," "Patents and health," "Confidentiality of communications between clients and their patent advisors," and "Transfer of technology," and has discussed whether the WIPO Model Law established in 1979 needs to be revised. In particular, emerging countries have directed their criticisms at patent systems related to medicines. Additionally, the UN High-Level Panel Report on Access to Medicines, which was released in September 2016, proposed: for WTO members to make the most of the TRIPS flexibility (for example, free setting of patentability criteria and compulsory licenses) to improve the situation of emerging countries lacking medicines; to enhance measures for public health taken by publicly funded universities and research institutes; and to make clear the information on R&D expenses, pharmaceutical prices, and pharmaceuticals-related patents. Thus, on the assumption that emerging countries would make more difficult requests than ever before, JIPA again dispatched the representatives from the Medicinal and Biotechnology Committee to address the situation. In particular, to express, where necessary, the importance of patent systems for drug discovery and approaches of the pharmaceutical industry to improving Access to Medicines, JIPA prepared a draft statement in cooperation with the Japan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association and the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Associations (IFPMA). JIPA also consulted with JPO before participating in the meeting.

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