International Activities

Thailand Inventors’Day, IPITEX 2018

  • JIPA Green Technology Award
  • JIPA Biotechnology Award

During February 2-6 2018, Bangkok International Intellectual Property, Invention, Innovation and Technology Exposition (IPITEX2018) was held at Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre. And JIPA provided 3 special awards (Green Technology Award, Biotechnology Award, and Design Award) for this event for awarding ceremony. It's the 5th consecutive year to support the IPITEX, to aim at raising inventive awareness in Asia and establishing the ethics of respect for intellectual property.
According to the local reports, the event gathered over 1000 works from home and abroad.

JIPA Green Technology Award

 Invention  :  Bio-Degradable Nursery Bag
 Inventors  :  Chanapron Wansopon, Kritsanaluck Thong-gun, Yanisa Pak-Khem

JIPA Biotechnology Award

 Invention  :  A Must Flow Paddy Dryer by Using Biomass
 Inventors  :  Pongsatit Sonpakdee, Natthawud Dussadee, Churat Thararux,
 Tanate Chaichana, Rameshprabu Ramaraj
 Organization  :  King Mongkut's University of Technology North Bangkok

JIPA Design Award

 Invention  :  EF 680 Digital Door Lock
 Inventors  :  Dormatic Malaysia Sdn Bhd
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