International Activities

Meeting of the Trilateral Patent Offices & Users

””Prior to the opening of the Trilateral Patent Offices & Users Meeting, JIPA held an opinion/ information exchange meeting with EPO on March 1st, 2018. EPO representatives President Battistelli, Vice President Lutz, Chief Director Frohinger and five others met with JIPA representatives President Kondo, 2nd International Committee Chairperson Yoshioka, International Policy PJ Leader Miyashita, and three others.

””In the meeting, the EPO officials introduced recent activities. These included the expansion of EPC validation beyond current EPC territory, including Cambodia in Asia; and further possibilities for worldwide expansion.

””JIPA expressed appreciation of EPO”Ēs initiative to expedite patent examination and exchanged views on ensuring examination quality and opportunities for arguments by applicants. Also the examination of SEP, which is a concern in Europe and Japan, were discussed in the meeting.

””JIPA has been organizing almost annual face-to-face meetings with EPO executives. Acknowledging the meeting”Ēs importance, EPO and JIPA committed to holding more such face-to-face meetings going forward.

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