International Activities

Meeting with IMPI President and Officials

°°On 5 June, 2018, JIPA held an opinion exchange meeting at the JETRO main office in Japan with visiting officials Mr. Miguel, President of IMPI; Ms. Nahanny Canal Reyes, Director of Patent division; Mr. Eliseo Montiel Cuevas, Director of Trademark Division; and Ms. Irely Aquique, Director of Protection IP Division. Participating representatives of JIPA were Mr. Asami, President; Mr. Adachi, Vice-President; Mr. Kato, Managing Director of JIPA; Mr. Ogawa, Chairman of the First International Committee; and four others.

°°President Asami opened by welcoming the attendees and conveying JIPA°«s high hopes for future collaboration. President Miguel responded by expressing IMPI°«s perception of a common understanding on cooperation with JIPA.

°°In the free discussion which followed, IMPI gave an introduction to the latest IP trends f in Mexico. Participants went on to engage actively in discussion of detailed practices and the possibility for future amendments to Mexico°«s IP system.

  • Mr. Miguel and Mr. Asami
  • Participants
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