International Activities

Thailand Inventors’Day, IPITEx 2020

  • JIPA Green Technology Award
  • JIPA Design Award
During February 2-6 2020, Bangkok International Intellectual Property, Invention, Innovation and Technology Exposition (IPITEx 2020) was held at Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre. And JIPA provided 3 special awards (Green Technology Award, ICT Award, and Design Award) for this event for awarding ceremony. It's the 7th consecutive year to support the IPITEx, to aim at raising inventive awareness in Asia and establishing the ethics of respect for intellectual property.
According to the local reports, the event gathered over 1000 works from home and abroad.

JIPA Green Technology Award

 Invention : Biodegradable polymeric composites from renewable resources
 Inventors  :  Anna Masek, Miroslawa Prochon, Malgorzata Latos-Brozio, Olga Mielcarek, Marian Zaborski
 Organization  :  Association of Polish Inventors and Rationalizers (API & R)


 Invention  :  Home Assistant Robot (HAR)
 Inventors : Aleli D Huab, Lux Ducusin, Florentino Dean P. GAS
 Organization  :  Manila Young Inventors Association (MYIA), Philippines

JIPA Design Award

 Invention  :  Hydraulic Structure, and System and Method for Identifying Distributed Optical Fiber for Base Seepage Condition Thereof
 Inventors : Su, Huaizhi and Yang, Meng
 Organization  :  Hohai Unversity, China
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