The 11th JIPA IP Symposium Program

[Theme] Let°«s do our best for Japan! Rebuild Japan Future with the Power of Japanese Technology and Brands --- Business management and IP strategy aiming at creating and dominating new markets
[Day & Time] Friday, February 24, 2012 (10:00-17:40)
[Place] Tokyo International Forum, Hall C (Poster session in Hall D5)
[Summary] People around the world have highly valued Japanese technology from the perspective of quality, reliability, and safety. Consequently, Japanese brands have been widely respected with trust. Such a good reputation has been achieved through endless efforts of diligent engineers who never cut corners and never make compromises and also through Japanese businesspersons°« commendable attributes such as strong affection to their products, projects, and companies and their willingness to provide services tailored for each customer. The Japanese economy is currently facing with severe competition with emerging countries and devastation caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake. Despite this hardship, Japan will rebuild itself with the power of Japanese brands and underlying Japanese technology.

The purpose of this symposium is to review the steps that Japan has taken and discuss what steps Japan should take from now on. The title of this symposium is °»A scenario for a new Japan: Management approach supported by the power of technology and brands and the roles of IP strategies."

9:45 Opening Remarks
Mr. Kenji Koumoto(JIPA President)
9:50 Messages from The Three Heads of Intellectual Property Offices: JPO, USPTO, and EPO
10:05 Keynote Discussion Theme
°»Technology creates and Brand strategy cultivates the Market°…
  • Mr. Yoshiyuki Machida (President, Creative Connection Company) Panelists:
  • Mr. Katsuhisa Kato (Asahi Glass)
  • Mr. Hiroki Ando (NISSIN FOODS)
  • Mr. Osamu Okabayashi (LASERTECH)
12:00 Lunch Break & Poster Session by JIPA Standing Committees
13:15 Panel Discussion (I):
°»Technological Development and Brand Building°…
Mr. Tetsuya Habu (Patent attorney)
  • Mr. Kiyoshi Iwai (MURATA MFG)
  • Mr. Hirokazu Bessho (HONDA)
  • Mr. Toshiaki Suzuki (FUJI FILM)
  • Mr. Toshihiro Tanaka (Otsuka Pharmaceutical)
15:00 Break & Poster Session by JIPA Standing Committees
15:45 Panel Discussion (≠∂):
“Technology Utilization and Brand Expansion” (from a business perspective)
Mr. Junjiro Shintaku (Tokyo university)
  • Mr. Thomas Reeves (IBM)
  • Mr. Sunggun Park (Samsung)
  • Mr. Tomonori Bekku (Nissan Motor)
  • Mr. Keiichi Hikichi (Unicharm)
17:30 Closing Remarks
Mr. Takashi Nakayama(JIPA Executive Managing Director)
18:00-20:00 Reception
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