The 17th JIPA IP Symposium Program

[Theme] IP in the near future - Connected Industries -
Technological innovation due to IoT, Big Data, and AI is rapidly penetrating, and the movement toward "Connected Industries," creating new business value through connection, is progressing. Connection among enterprises brings about co-creation and a business ecosystem and fundamentally changes the industrial structure. In order to make this change a chance, IP strategies with new ideas are required. In this symposium, we discuss the role to be played by the IP sector for the success of business in the transformation period through future visions of IP systems talked about by global leaders and business strategies of leading companies utilizing connection.
[Day & Time] Wednesday February 21st, 2018 (10:00-17:35)
[Venue] Tokyo International Forum Hall C
[Time table] [Programs]
10:00-10:10 Opening Remarks
Mr. Hiroshi SATO (JIPA Chairperson) 
10:10-10:25 Guest Speech
Mr. Kunihiko SHIMANO (Deputy Commissiorner, JPO)
10:25-11:55 Special Talk "Talking about Near-Future World and IP"
What should we think now in the global revolutionary period, also referred to as a new industrial revolution? Take a cue for looking into the future from high-quality talk among WIPO, the government of Japan, and leaders of industry.


  • Mr. Yoshiyuki TAKAGI (Assistant Director General,WIPO)


  • Dr. Francis Gurry (Director General,WIPO)
  • Mr. Takayuki SUMITA (Secretary-General,Intellectual Property Strategy Headquaters, Cabinet Office)
  • Mr. Toshimoto MITOMO (JIPA Vice-president/Corporate Exective, SONY)
11:55-13:15 Lunch Break & Poster Sessions by JIPA Expert Committees
JIPA's expert committees are researching on various themes relating to IP, such as legal issues, utilization of rights, development of human resources, management and so forth.
13:15-15:00 Panel Discussion 1
"Business Connected by IoT - Co-creation Strategy and Prospects for the Near Future"

Changes in industrial structure, for example, formation of a business ecosystem utilizing "connection" by IoT and the like, have been proceeding through penetration of technological innovation. Progressive approaches of respective companies will be introduced through a panel discussion given by experts from various fields from information and communication fields to mechanical and chemical fields, and prospects for the near future and expectations on IP will be discussed.


  • Mr. Masahiro ASAMI (FUJIFILM)
  • Ms. Katsura ITO (Microsoft Japan)
  • Mr. Masashi USAMI (KDDI)
  • Mr. Kazuo IWANO (Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings)
  • Mr. Fujitoshi TAKAMURA (KOMATSU)
15:00-15:45 Break & Poster Sessions by JIPA Expert Committees
15:45-17:30 Panel Discussion 2
"Accelerating Connected Industries and Transition of IP Activities"

IP department members from enterprises, who engage in advanced IP activities amid accelerating inter-enterprise and inter-business connections, will introduce their knowledge and challenges and discuss organizational and personal changes required for IP activities in the Connected Industries period.


  • Mr. Kazuyasu ADACHI (Panasonic)
  • Mr. Tomoki OKUWAKI (SONY)
  • Mr. Osamu KIKUCHI (Nabtesco)
  • Mr. Tsuneaki HAGIWARA (Toppan)
  • Mr. Shinichi IMAEDA (Rakuten)
17:30-17:35 Closing Remarks
Mr. Kenji KONDO (JIPA President) 
18:00-19:30 Reception Party 
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