IPEJ & JIPA Symposium on Int¡Çl Green Technology Transfer

¡ÁFrom concept to implementation of WIPO GREEN¡Á

In the Part I, Current movements & Global activity on Int¡Çl green technology transfer (TT) are introduced from governments and UN, and WIPO GREEN is introduced from users.
In the Part II, the speakers of the Part I deepen discussions on new activities and systems of Int¡Çl Green Technology Transfer including WIPO GREEN. Active participation is required.

[Theme] "International Green Technology Transfer"
[Day & Time] June 30, 2014 ¡¡¡¡13:30 - 18:00
[Place] Hibiya Convension Hall
[Organizers] Institution of Professional Engineers in Japan (IPEJ)
Japan Intellectual Property Association (JIPA)
[Agenda] 13:00 Regsitration
13:30 Opening remarks and introduciton
Mr. Yoshihei HASHIMOTO / Chairperson of International Committee, IPEJ
[Schedule]  Session Ⅰ¡§Lecture & Reports
13:35 Keynote Lecture
  • Outline and implementation of TT to developing country in Asia¡§Mr. Kouji NAKANO/ Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
  • Perspective & Movement of new TT system/mechanism¡§
    Mr. Takayuki OHTANI/ Ministry of the Environment
  • Efforts on the Int'l Green TT in UNIDO¡§Mr. Tsuyoshi FURUTANI / UNIDO
15:20 Coffee Break
15:40 WIPO GREEN -Activities & Perspective
  • Introduction and Perspective of WIPO GREEN:
    Mr. Yorimasa SUWA / JIPA
  • Anticipated contribution of TT using WIPO GREEN:
    Mr. Hiroshi ONODA / Waseda Environmental Institute
Session Ⅱ ¡§Panel Discussion
16:40 Panel and Wrap-up discussion
 Moderator  Mr. Eiji KOMATSU / IPEJ
 Panelists  Mr. Koichi NISHIZAWA / IPEJ
 Mr. Takeshi UENO / IBM Japan
 Mr. Hiroshi ONODA / Waseda Environmental Institute
 Mr. Yorimasa SUWA / JIPA
17:55 Closing remarks
Mr. Takeshi UENO / PJ Leader of WIPO GREEN, JIPA
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