The 20th JIPA IP Symposium Program

[Theme] IP Activities in the New Normal - Exploring the Unpredictable Times -
COVID-19 drastically changed our lifestyles in the world, and we enter the new normal era. Although the world's politics and economy are extremely confused, technological progress represented by digital transformation (DX) has not stopped.
At this year's JIPA symposium, we foresee issues related to New Normal's corporate activities and IP activities through panel discussions. Then, by clarifying the anxieties and worries that companies have and sharing the direction of solutions, we would like to open up the new era that is difficult to predict.
In the morning lecture, we invite Mr. Akira Yoshino, who won 2019 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, to give a special lecture on future society.
[Day & Time] Tuesday March 2nd, 2021 (10:45-16:15)
[Venue] Tokyo International Forum Hall D5
[Participation]  Broadcast live on the Web 
[Time table] [Programs]
10:45-11:15 Opening Remarks
Mr. Masaki SAKUYAMA (JIPA Chairperson / Mitsubishi Electric)
Guest Speech
Mr. Toshihide KAZUTANI (JPO Commissioner)
Special Message
Mr. Daren Tang (Director General, WIPO)
11:15-12:30 Special Lecture
"Future Society Pioneered by Lithium-ion Batteries"

Dr. Akira YOSHINO (Honorary Fellow, Asahi KASEI)
12:03-13:15 Lunch Break
13:15-14:30 Panel Discussion Ⅰ
Corporate Issues & IP Issues in the New Normal Era


  • Mr. Hiroya OKUMURA (Takeda / JIPA Vice President)
  • Mr. Hisashi ISHIJIMA (RICHO / JIPA Managing Director)
  • Mr. Hiroaki YAMAGUCHI (KOMATSU / JIPA Managing Director)
  • Mr. Takeshi UENO (IBM Japan / Ex- JIPA President)
Coordinator:Mr. Yuji TODA(HITACHI / JIPA President)
14:30-15:45 Break
15:45-16:00 Panel DiscussionⅡ
Fostering Global Talents in the New Normal Era


  • Mr. Tomonori BEKKU (Nissan / JIPA Vice President)
  • Ms. Ikuko SHIIMOGAWARA (TOSHIBA / JIPA Managing Director)
  • Mr. Kazushi TAKEMOTO (SUNTORY / Ex- JIPA President)
  • 2 younger employees from each company
Coordinator: Mr. Kazuyasu ADACHI (Panasonic / Ex- Vice President)
16:00-16:05 Results of the voting “Poster Sessions”
16:05-16:15 Closing Remarks
Mr. Yuji TODA(HITACHI / JIPA President)
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