FY2014 JIPA Annual General Meeting

On May 30, the FY2014 JIPA Annual General Meeting was held at the Hotel Chinazanso Tokyo.
After the opening speech by Mr. Takemoto, JIPA president, the financial & business statements for FY2013, the FY2014 budget & Action Plan, and so on were discussed and approved. The keyword "competition and cooperation" was featured in the IP system and IP management in the Action Plan of this year.

In addition, the above meeting was followed by an Association awards ceremony, at which 28 people in total of training contributors and general contributors were honored with testimonials and special gifts from Mr. Matsuka, chairman of JIPA. There was also an introduction of a commendation received by one Association staff member.

In the part of the special speech, Mr. Kazuya Maruyama, lawyer at law and member of the House of Councilors, gave a speech titled "International Law and Me." He talked about his experiences in China, India, and other countries, whereas he expressed his expectation that Japanese companies would become companies which can compete internationally in the IP field as well.

Finally, Mr. Matsuka, chairman of JIPA, expressed his expectations for the Association activities for this fiscal year and asked for cooperation. Mr. Hato, JPO Commissioner as a guest, stated, as his expectations for JIPA and his aspirations for patent administration, that he would help the Administration and the Association work closely together to achieve transformation into a strong IP paradigm which allows for enhanced global competitiveness of Japanese companies.

Further, Mr. Iimura, judge of the IP High Court, rushed to the reception held after the Annual Meeting, gave an inpromptu speech, and appreciated highly specialized Association activities such as committee research papers included in the IP Management Journal and exchanges of opinions.

[Update 2014-06-20 ]