JIPA Annual Meeting 2018

The meeting was followed by a special lecture by Mr. Atsushi NAKAJIMA, Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry, titled "Massive Excess, decipher upheaving global economy".

In addition, during the interval after the discussion, the first meeting of the Board of Directors was held in another room to establish a new Board consisting of President (Representative Director), Vice Presidents, Executive Managing Director (Director involved in business execution), and Managing Directors. After the special lecture, Mr. Masahiro ASAMI (Fuji Film), who was newly appointed as President as in FY2018, introduced the new board members. Furthermore, Mr. Sato (Kobe Steel), Chairperson, and Mr. Hagiwara (Toppan), newly appointed Vice Chairperson each gave an address.

In the part of the awards ceremony, 11 people in total of training contributors and general contributors were honored with testimonials and special gifts by Mr. Sato, Chairperson of JIPA. Mr. Inoue (Sysmex), representing the recipients, made an address.

Finally, Mr. Shimano, JPO Deputy Commissioner, who was invited as a guest, showed appreciation for JIPA’s cooperation and introduced current topics including amendment of unfair competition law for utilization of data, release of manual for license negotiation of SEP, moot-court for International arbitration seeking for dispute resolution of SEP.

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[Update 2018-07-20 ]