Round-Table talk with JIPA Chairperson, Dr. Nomakuchi

Due to the positive feedback on the round-table talk with ex JIPA chairperson, Mr. Yoshino in 2006, we hold the talk this year again with the incumbent JIPA chairperson, Dr. Nomakuchi.

The free conversation consisted of two parts; those who finished IP leader training course attended the first half and JIPA leadership gathered the last half.

The first session was a Q&A session in which JIPA IP leader training participants took part. There are questions like, “What does “synergy effect “means especially in company?”, “What does people make his big break?”. In the second session, JIPA directors for metal, electronics, chemical, and construction reported their current situation. A director asked Dr Nomakuchi what the trigger to change the executive mentality becomes. Dr. Nomakuchi answered with his experimental theory. Each session was brief, but we covered a lot.

JIPA believes that listening to other company’s top management is highly suggestive to think about how IP activities contribute to corporate management. JIPA plans to provide ongoing opportunities for membership.

[Update 2008-05-21 ]