Message from the President

Message from the President

  The recent events unfolding across the world with the military invasion of Ukraine by Russia have caused the global economic outlook to rapidly become unclear, with a dramatic progression of resource cost hikes and energy deficiency and the future of Japan's economy becoming murky due to the impact of the weak yen.

  At the same time, the escalation of U.S.-China conflicts remains a concern. Japan has deep ties with the United States for our national security, but on the other hand, Japan's relationship with China is also essential from an economic perspective. We are faced with a difficult choice on how to manage business activities in the future. There is also much focus on how intellectual property has become a factor in the U.S.-China trade friction.

  Furthermore, the COVID-19 pandemic that started in FY2019 still shows no sign of ending, so we have entered the era in which we must co-exist with COVID-19. Although economic activity has gradually started to resume, it still remains limited in some areas in which human flow and logistics are sluggish due to lockdowns. For corporate activities, telecommuting and remote work have become commonplace in the past few years, creating a major change in people's lifestyles. These working styles are expected to stay even after the pandemic has ended, and we can say that the era of a "new normal" has truly arrived.

  In FY2022, JIPA would like to proceed with activities that are in line with JIPA’s Basic Policy, conforming to the ever-changing situation and environment.

  1. Reviewing and reinforcing committees, projects, subcommittees, etc.
  2. Continuing human resource development (training) and public relations activities related to intellectual properties
  3. Implementing measures to boost JIPA member satisfaction

  JIPA's slogan for this fiscal year will continue to be "Creating IP Vision for the World." We hope that JIPA will continue to communicate its vision for intellectual property to the world.

August 2022
Masaki Ito, President 2022
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