JIPA is a non-profit, non-governmental organization, which has 1,369members. It represents industries and users of the intellectual property (IP) system, and provides related institutions all around the world with well-timed, suitable opinions on improvement of their IP systems and their utilization. JIPA's stance with regard to the major IP issues at the present time is as follows:


Together with WIPO, we studied possibilities of establishing a new framework for enabling the promotion of technology transfer, which may (i) secure both the Developed Countries and the Developing Countries in each role of providing and receiving the environmental technologies, and (ii) smoothen various transactions pertaining to such environmental technologies transfer, and as a result WIPO has established the trial version of a database, i.e. °»WIPO GREEN°…, in which any seeds and needs of transferrable technologies are stored. Now, JIPA assists WIPO to realize efficient measures for the technology transfers for the benefit of the parties that are interested in the environmental technology transfers.

Anti-Counterfeiting Measures

JIPA is actively conducting the following activities:
  1. Strengthening ties around the world between organizations/institutions that deal with counterfeits; in particular, creating an alliance between non-governmental organizations in Japan, Europe and the U.S.
  2. Encouraging an active participation in activities conducted by the International Intellectual Property Protection Forum (IIPPF) in Japan.

Substantial Harmonization in the IP Rights System

The standardization of patent application forms, usage of the same prior arts, and standardization of the examination criteria and the undertaking of simultaneous examinations achieve substantial harmonization.

In order to encourage cost reductions for patent applications and create substantial harmonization, since 2004, JIPA has held the several meetings with the non-governmental organizations in Europe and the U.S. As the result of those meetings, we handed in the resolution of the standardization of application forms, i.e. Common Application Format(CAF), to the Trilateral Patent Offices(JPO, USPTO, EPO) five years ago. We are now consulting on "Common Citation Document(CCD)", which will standardize the describing method of cited references in the Trilateral Patent Offices, and the harmonization of patent classification, with them.

Assist to develop Members°« Human Resources concerned with IP

JIPA performs training for about 15,000 member employees, including engineers and researchers, every year. Recently, JIPA prepares especially °»Course for developing New-IP-Leaders,°… which creates the human resources who may lead IP management to a success, and °»Course for developing IP-Strategic-Staffs,°… which creates the human resources who can find out the concrete subject on the vision of the IP section and propose the creative policy for achieving such subject.
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