MembershipӤHow to Join

Membership Requirements and Admission Procedure

¢” Associate Membership

Available to juridical entities, organizations, or institutions that are not eligible for regular membership, but support JIPA's objectives.

  1. Government offices or organizations/auxiliary organs of the national government or local governments
  2. Public interest corporations, incorporated educational institutions, incorporated administrative agencies, or government-affiliated special corporations
  3. Entities or organizations related to IP
  4. Law offices, patent attorney offices, patent search companies, or TLOs
  5. Non-Japanese juridical entities, institutions, or organizations

¢” Admission Fee and Annual Membership Fee

125,000 yen for the first half of the year (April to September) and 125,000 yen for the second half of the year (October to March)

 Admission fee 100,000 JPY
 Annual membership fee 250,000 JPY

¢” To become an Associate Member,

please complete and send us the Application Form. Also, you need to have one of our Regular Members' recommendations. * Regular Member List

After filling out the application form, please email it to us along with any brochures describing your organization.

The form is physically signed and sent to us as a PDF file via email. It would be helpful for us to proceed officially, but an electronic/typed signature would work if you need to. Please cc the representative from its regular member when you send us the form. We need the representative's signature on the JIPA membership for that company to provide the recommendation. JIPA can inform you of the representative's name if you need help to reach them.

Once we receive your application, we'll discuss the new registrations of JIPA members, which is a usual topic in our monthly board meeting. You could become a member when it's confirmed at the meeting.

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