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Report on the 16th JIPA IP Symposium
Drastic Business Innovation! The 4th Industrial Revolution and Intellectual Property

On January 31, 2017, the 16th JIPA IP Symposium, titled "Drastic Business Innovation! The 4th Industrial Revolution and Intellectual Property- Let's Think about the New Business and IP in the IoT, Big Data, and AI Era," was held at the Tokyo International Forum. This year more than 1,000 people participated in the symposium, in which four speeches and a panel discussion were held.

In the morning section, Mr. Gurry, Director General of WIPO, talked in Keynote Speech I about "The Data-driven Interconnected World and its Influence on the IPR System." He said, "with some trends of protectionism in the world, globalism is needed on the technological part;" and "new technologies involve the protection of intellectual property rights with a lot of uncertainties such as security, standards, and compatibility, and thus contracts are becoming more and more important."

In Keynote Speech II, Mr. Komiya, JPO Commissioner, lectured on "The 4th Industrial Revolution and IP System," introducing activities of JPO and the Japanese government.

In Guest Speech I in the afternoon, Mr. Sekiguchi, Director General, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), gave a speech titled "The Situation around AI and the Approach by AIST," in which he clearly introduced practical examples and challenges of AI. In Guest Speech II, Mr. Abe, Managing Director, APAC, Google Japan, made a speech titled "Making Effective Use of Cloud Services and Creating New Business in the AI Era."

Furthermore, in Panel Discussion, which was coordinated by Mr. Ueno (IBM Japan), four JIPA members of different industries gathered as panelists, and on the theme of "Business Innovation and Changing IP Activities," introduced examples in their companies. The panelists discussed the topics "sharing and hoarding of data" and "IP human resources needed."

In the poster session, people from companies considering sending employees to be members of expert committees had a lively chat with former committee members. In the traditional poster competition, the 1st prize went to the Management Committee and the Design Committee, and the 3rd prize went to the Trademark Committee. The Chairman' s Award went to the Study group of companies with a small or midsize IP department.

  • Opening Address
  • Dr. Francis Gurry
  • Mr. Yoshinori KOMIYA
  • Mr. Satoshi SEKIGUCHI
  • Mr. Shinichi ABE
  • Panel Discussion
  • Poster Sessions
  • Reception Party
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